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Ming Lee Tool-Steel & Machines Co., Ltd. was originally established as a sole proprietorship in 1940, and incorporated in Hong Kong in the year 1989. We used to be distributor of metals, manufacture of mould bases and machineries. In 1996, we consolidated our investments and other companies to form Ming Lee Group.

We have recently streamlined our group structure to concentrate on property investment and leasing as our core business. Under the new structure, Ming Lee Group Holdings Limited will be the group's finance and operating company while individual subsidiaries serve as property holding companies and responsible for rental management.

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(852) 2401-3883
Postal address
Rm.2102-4 Metroplaza Tower 2, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong, N.T., Hong Kong
Electronic mail
General Information: info@minglee.com

Notice to Mould Base and Machinery Customers

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